Caina Case: 1Date1Cake


Caina Brand Marketing Consulting Co., Ltd. Caina Case: 1Date1Cake GIVE GROWTH A COURTESY Dilemma Faced by 1 Date 1 Cake 1. The cake got bigger and bigger, but the profit didn't increase - The cost is getting higher and higher. 2. Strong brands such as 21cake, LE CAKE and Bliss Cake compete with 1 Date 1 Cake for customers, taking most of the market share - Market competition is fierce. 3. More and more cake brands are joining e-commerce, and the entire e-commerce baking market is in fierce competition- product homogenization is serious. 4. Get caught in the price war, promotion war, and channel war - Sales grow slowly. Caina Insights 1. Has the emotion cooled down on your birthday? Originally joyously celebrated birthday gradually lacks the sense of ceremony and culture; 2. Cake = Birthday cake? In most people's mind, cakes are purchased for birthday celebration, not for daily consumption. 3. Do you just want to have a nice bite of cake for your birthday? Most people want to experience a sense of identity, dignity and ritual on their birthdays, and desire a new entertaining way of experience. 4. Is the birthday cake segment too small? Birthday cake still occupies the main market share of baking e-commerce industry, while consumption growth in other scenarios is slow. Brand Chapter Boxout "birthday cake" subcategories, take the lead in conceptual occupancy and make 1 Date 1 Cake the representative of high-end birthday cake Launch a brand new advertising proposition: Celebrate your birthday with 1 Date 1 Cake Brand segmentation positioning: A ritual and cultural birthday cake Create brand super IP of 1 Date 1 Cake Caina Strategy Caina Strategy Product Chapter Big Single Product Strategy Regular introduction of specific seasonal fruit cakes Basic Style of Birthday Cake Basic Structure of 1 Date 1 Cake Product Basic Structure of 1 Date 1 Cake Product IP Brand Image Wishing Spirit Image IP Brand Personality European, professional, joyful, and cultural IP Brand Endorsement Product Development Endorsement- Le Cordon Bleu Culinary Arts Institute Western Cake Chef Star Products Endorsement by Authorities - "HACCP" international certification for food safety 1 Date 1 Cake Brand Pyramid A birthday cake with the sense of ceremony and culture Professionalism, Inheritance, Joy, and Sharing We are willing to work hard for your birthday. Wishing Spirit Image "HACCP" international certification for food safety Le Cordon Bleu Culinary Arts Institute Western Cake Chef Star Products How can you celebrate your birthday without 1 Date 1 Cake? European, professional, joyful, and cultural Brand positioning Core value Slogan Brand personality Brand image Brand concept Brand endorsement Super IP Development Path of 1 Date 1 Cake Step 1: Brand IP landing and product planning Step 2: Birthday IP derivatives development Step 3: Build a birthday theme park and form IP culture industry chain Promotion of Caina 1. Mr. Zhu sent a tweet on the public account; 2. The Brand Department set up an executive group to hold a birthday party in person. 3. Collect the latest birthday target groups in Friends, Community Group and Car Owner Group; 4. Contact the venue and identify the persons who have birthday; 5. Prepare birthday caps, balloons, wishing spirit costumes and other props; 6. Carry out the internal rehearsal to ensure the smooth flow of the birthday party; 7. Implement the birthday party; 8. Summarize the birthday party and deliver a detailed process of the birthday party. Eight steps for 1 Date 1 Cake Birthday Party Scene 1 Birthday Party for the White Collars How can you celebrate your birthday without 1 Date 1 Cake? Scene 2 Birthday Party for the Overseas Returnees How can you celebrate your birthday without 1 Date 1 Cake? Scene 3 Birthday Party for Children How can you celebrate your birthday without 1 Date 1 Cake? Brand Advertising Slogan Upgrade 2011 1 Date 1 CakeA mellow taste in sync with Europe 2010 1 Date 1 CakeA purely natural square cake 2015 Delicacy has never been so reassuring. 2012 Only pure emotions and ingredients can create the flavor of happiness. 2014 Leader of Chinese cake E-commerce 2016 Brand repositioning Celebrating birthday with 1 Date 1 Cake 2013 One order with a moment of warmth 2017 First year of Chinese birthday experience ceremonial birthday service 2018 Brand Personification Product Upgrade From square to circle, from single layer to multi-layer, from European style to traditional Chinese style. Material Upgrade From singleness to diversity, from children to adults, from birthdays to celebrations. Birthday Periphery From mini western cakes and flowers to party materials, birthday parties can be either luxuriant or frugal. Party Service From products to services and from rituals to emotions. Gratitude Moment Grateful for the love of parents in the birthday ceremony; feel the beauty of life at moments of life. Wishing Moment At the moment when you wish and blow candles, you may have expectations from yourself at a younger age as well as a blessing to friends and relatives. Create IP Birthday A wishing spirit Magician Danxiaopi Original birthday IP with unforgettable birthday experience Birthday Party Promotion Enterprise birthday flash Theme birthday party Children's birthday party Offline birthday party execution Create a Children's Birthday Party Since May 2017, 1 Date 1 Cake has hosted more than 400 children's birthday parties . Birthday Party Execution Case Video 20 July 2017 
 YOYO Children's 10th Birthday Party Online Affectionate Video Launch 1 Date 1 Cake launched "1 Date 1 Cake Affectionate Video" at Youku, Tencent and IQIYI one after another. Click to Play Within one week, the number of video-on-demand has exceeded 8 million, thousands of messages have been posted on WeChat, nearly 10 million people have read about Weibo topics and nearly 10,000 have participated in comments. Online Promotion Keywords in Baidu Tmall Flagship Store www.toutiao.com, Internet celebrities in Shenzhen, and birthday party word of mouth… Follow-up of Advertisement in Offline MTR Passages With 366 birthday codes, you may look for another you born on the same day in Shenzhen! On September 2, 366 birthday codes occupied Passageway C of World Window Station on Metro Line 1. In just three days, 50,000 people participated in the event. Scan Out Your Birthday Characteristics Pick up your phone, sweep the two-dimensional code know the characteristics of your birthday the world's best or independent thinking, face difficulties, authoritative experts …..... Wishing Spirit and Danxiaopi Meet You on the Subway Wishing Spirit and Danxiaopi interact with passers-by on the spot Help people find their birthday characteristics Full-page Advertisements in the Metro Newspaper 1 Date 1 Cake creates a Shenzhen birthday cake The first city birthday cake in China - I LOVE Shenzhen Collecting Card Battle for 3,700 Cakes for Free August 26, 2017 Shenzhen 37th Birthday Day With all four "Happy Birthday" blessing cards, you will receive a special " I❤SZ Special Cake" free of charge by lottery. Fans’ Carnival Week for 7th Anniversary Only for the birthday that deserves to be cherished Only for the birthday that deserves to be cherished Multi-format development, controlling product costs, blind expansion, joining, and financing, are among the 100 tags that indicate the rapid growth of cake e-commerce. Over the past seven years, we've only done one thing: to remind you of the beautiful memories of your birthday, bear in mind your original aspiration and don't lose time. Only for the birthday that deserves to be cherished Wind, rain, traffic jams, traffic accidents, and navigation errors are five excuses for the 100 late deliveries. We need only one reason to never be late: racing against time so as to spare your love ones the trouble of waiting! Only for the birthday that deserves to be cherished Multiple disinfection is expensive; imported fruits are expensive; cold chain transportation is expensive; no additive solution to food safety is expensive; and waste of surplus materials on the same day is expensive. These are causes for rising cost of making cakes. But for me, however expensive things are, they are not as precious as your smile on your birthday party. Only for the birthday that deserves to be cherished Revision of Official Website Exploring Birthday Culture Redefining Birthday Cake nnovating Birthday Ceremony Delivering Children an Unforgettable Birthday Party Creating a Birthday Scene Creating an All-Round Birthday Experience Project Result Usher in a new era in the sub-segment of cake market Sales volume soars by 100%, and 8 satellite factory stores were opened. 1 Date 1 Cake successfully occupies new low-competition market of the high-end birthday ceremony. THANKS.

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